With your light shining far across the ocean
I can barely tell the trigger from the motion
See the signal as it's flying through the air
You move your lips and I'm already there

When we experience electrical connection
The planets shift in an unusual direction
Our secret moves to chart the emptiness of space
But with what's in between us we have only to erase

Woke up this morning with a cinematic notion
My head was pounding but the cameras were rolling
So many people to defeat or to impress
I look for your eyes in them to combat depression

We're so enamored with materials of space
When love consumes us there's just nothing left to say
We cradle time like it's the ending of our race
And with no time to spare we just fall into place

I've got this feeling coming over me
Your eyes are making me see
Not anyone can make me feel this way
I'm gonna get you out of here

Don't want to stick around
Don't want to mess around this town
I'm gonna take you away further into space
Separate our feelings from the choices that we make

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