By The River

Here in my home we're one in the same
Souls come apart to meet in the grave
One of these days I'm not coming back
Stay in the dark until day turns black

If you're warm enough to give
We've come for what we came
And if you wanted to stay here
We'll take it just the same
If you're strong enough to fight
Then give us our due right
But if your courage starts to thin
We'll find our own way in

So you made your choice
Now you're gonna live with it
Pain before the fall
Shows like your weight in gold
When the sun burns across the sky
And you move to catch the light
Your time has come at last
And you fall asleep alone

On a warm Sunday afternoon
With the summer stream
Rolling by the peaceful view
Beneath the birch tree
You will place me in a plywood box
And lay me in my grave
Surrounded by the bark and moss
And those that still remain
Enamored with the world outside
Distanced from the ghosts we hide
Buried in the earthen graves
Fallen from the tree that saves

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